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Powers Lake Yacht Club
Powers Lake, Wisconsin
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MC Scow



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2017 MC Fleet Schedule:

Date MC Fleet Time Alt. Race Officer
May 27 Memorial Day 1 10:30am Dave Rocco
May 28 Memorial Day 2 10.30 am John Puder
May 29 Memorial Day 3 10:30am Dale Bonifas
June 3 Saturday 10:30am Paul Kuczerepa
June 4 Sunday 10:30am Bob Bonifas
June 10 Saturday 10:30am Todd Faulkner
June 11* Sunday 10:30am Scott Sindelar
June 17 Saturday 10:30am Jim Leparski
June 18 Sunday 10:30am Ryan Bonifas
June 24 * Saturday 10:30am Dan Rocco
June 25 Sunday 10:30am Rob Gaw
June 30 Friday Series 6:30pm
July 1 4th of July 1 10:30am Rich Lorenz
July 2 4th of July 2 10:30am Mike Bonifas
July 4 4th of July 3 10:30am Jim Magnuson
July 7 Friday Series 6:30pm
July 8 Saturday 10:30am Dave Rocco
July 9 Sunday 10:30am John Puder
July 14 PLYC/TLSC 10:30am
July 15 PLYC/TLSC 10:30am
July 16 PLYC/TLSC 10:30am
July 21 Friday Series 6:30pm
July 22 Saturday 10:30am Dale Bonifas
July 23* Sunday 10:30am Paul Kuczerepa
July 28 Friday Series 6:30pm
July 29 Saturday 10:30am Bob Bonifas
July 30 Sunday 10:30am Todd Faulkner
Aug 4 Friday Series 6:30pm
Aug 5 Saturday 10:30am Scott Sindelar
Aug 6 Sunday 10:30am Jim Leparski
Aug 11 Friday Series 6:30pm
Aug 12 * Saturday 10:30am Ryan Bonifas
Aug 13 Sunday 10:30am Dan Rocco
Sug 19 Saturday 10:30am Rob Gaw
Aug 20 Sunday 10:30am Rich Lorenz
Aug 26 Saturday 10:30am Mike Bonifas
Aug 27 * Sunday 10:30am Jim Magnuson
Sep 2 Labor Day 1 10:30am Dave Rocco
Sep 3 Labor Day 2 10:30am John Puder
Sep 4 Labor Day 3 10:30am Dale Bonifas
*Denotes back to back race, if possible
If unable to judge, it is your responsibility to find a replacement